Roxy Kobyliukh

We have all seen the rubber dolls we find at the toy store. Whatever way we turn this rubber doll, it comes to its shape again as before. Now just imagine if such a doll is in real life too? That means a girl who wants to turn in the direction she wants to. Many of you may find this thing impossible, but it can happen.

The body of a 13-year-old girl in West London is like a rubber doll. This girl named Roxy Kobyliukh bends her body like rubber. There is so much flexibility in the body of the girl that even the viewers are surprised.

Roxy trains herself for about 15 hours a week to keep her body flexible. She do not like to sit free.

Not only this, she can use a laptop with her feet, does homework and also does all the other work very easily. Roxy is very popular on social media due to his super flexible body. Several thousand people follow her on Instagram.

When Roxy writes in the book with her right foot, her handwriting does not deteriorate either. She also uses her right leg when she is bored and drives a laptop. In a way, she can do all her daily work with the help of legs.

Roxy likes to do stretching and studying together. This saves them a lot of time as well. Roxy dreams of becoming the world’s most flexible girl. She is also working hard in this direction.

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