High Life This 20,000 ton Nuclear Blast Proof Bunker Can Save Your Life

This 20,000 ton Nuclear Blast Proof Bunker Can Save Your Life

Generally, rich people prefer buying homes that can match their status. They often look for good neighborhood, spacious mansion with all luxurious utilities within. This is indeed a good decision but with World War III approaching rich people need to take better decisions. No matter how large the amount of money, it is never greater than the lives of the loved ones. So instead of spending so much money on visible luxury spend money on a nuclear war proof bunker.This Nuclear War Bunker is a Nuclear-Apocalypse-proof bunker. It can even withstand a 20 kiloton Nuclear Blast. This bunker is worth 17.5 million dollars.

 This 20,000 ton Nuclear Blast Proof Bunker Can Save Your Life

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Less than three hours south of Atlanta, near Tifton, Georgia, being a unique property in the country is buried 45 feet underground. This “luxury” bunker can withstand a 20,000-ton nuclear blast and has all the safety features such as a decontamination shower, three-foot-thick concrete walls, and environmental monitoring equipment. Tests have shown that 30 people can survive for a year in the self-contained facility. But safety doesn’t come cheap: Survivalist types who want this level of protection will need to shell out $17.5 million.

 This 20,000 ton Nuclear Blast Proof Bunker Can Save Your Life

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The designers have included everything you and your family needs after surviving the nuclear war games room, medical room, classroom and a business center. It was built in 1960’s. Don’t worry it’s not an outdated version of your bunker dreams it was renovated in 2012 to keep in mind that they keep up with the current needs and luxuries of their buyers. And there was a 2.5 million dollar renovation done in 2012.

These include hot water, solar panels, and humidity controls, says Bastion Holdings, who is selling the bunker. Chris Salamone, co-owner of Bastion Holdings, a training company for government and security personnel, said: ‘We are living in an increasingly dangerous world. This property offers the ultimate safe haven for any family, business or government that wants the ultimate in security and comfort.

Safety should indeed be taken as a first priority. Only if you are alive you can enjoy the luxuries of life. So instead of buying a luxurious mansion go and buy this Nuclear-Apocalypse-proof bunker. You can buy a life for your loved ones that is much more than a luxury.

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