Frustrated of studying and taking endless exams? Wondering how many years to go before this phase of studying and learning ends? Well, here is a story you must read. The story of a 48-year-old beggar, Shiv Singh who is a resident of Jaipur has been a consistent learner through all the phases of his life. His parents were labourers and so didn’t earn much but anyhow ensured education for their son, enabling him to graduate from the Government College, Gangapur.


However, due to physical reasons, Shiv Singh could not get the same job that of a labourer, as his parents and had to resort to begging to earn his bread and butter. But even this did not come in the way of his vision of himself achieving what he had always desired.

He used all the money he had collected over years to buy Law books for himself and even got himself enrolled in Rajasthan University to study law.

Now, to fend for himself he roams around the streets all morning collecting money and in the afternoon, he heads to the College to attend his classes. Being a sincere student and having a passion for learning, he rushes to the Library in case classes for the day get cancelled.

We hope that Shiv Singh’s larger than life efforts help him to fulfill his dream of Studying law and soon enough after his course he gets a decent job at a court. Shiv Singh is indeed a lesson for all those who believe age is a criterion for learning and studying.

If you know your goals and are determined enough then, no obstacle is big enough to stop you!

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