5 year old Murtuza Ahmadi is going to meet His idol, Football god Lionel Messi soon. It all started when Murtuza’s photo wearing a plastic bag Messi jersey went viral.

Lionel messi's 5 year old fan
source: Dna india

The plastic bag jersey that Murtuza is wearing bears close resemblance to Messi’s original No.10 Argentinan jersey. According to his father, Murtuza is a big fan of Messi and football and had asked for the jersey that Messi wears.

Lionel messi's 5 year old fan“I told him that we were living in a poor village far from the city and it was impossible for me to get him the shirt. He kept crying for days asking for the shirt until his brother Hamayon helped him make one from the plastic bag to make him happy,” Mr Ahmadi added.

Lionel messi's 5 year old fanThese photos found their way to internet and got noticed by Messi. Messi will soon meet his little fan.

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