This cute little 6-year-old is giving the wisest advice to her parents and the world as well. She’s asking her divorced parents to become friends and not be mean to each other and she really has a point and gives some serious mature piece of advice to her parents!

Her bname is Tiana and she is from canada. Little Tiana caught her parents who are getting a divorce amidst a heated argument and intervenes to resolve their matters with intellect and wisdom way beyond her age!

“I want you mom, and my dad to be friends. I want everyone to be smiling!”

The video was posted on Facebook by Tiana’s mom Sherry who claims that she was utterly moved and brought to tears by her daughter’s big words and pure thoughts uncorrupted by time and age.

“I’m not trying to be mean but I’m trying to do my best in my heart, nothing else than that.” 

Making her parents proud! There’s none who won’t listen to this angel’s words of wisdom!

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