Rambhau bodke stone wale baba

You must have seen children eating mud many times. Usually children get addicted to it. But today we are going to introduce you to an old man of 80 years who eats two and a half hundred grams of stone every day with great passion. They eat these stones with great passion. It has been more than 31 years since he eat the stone.

The person we are talking about here lives in Satara, Maharashtra. His name is Rambhau Bodke. The people of the village also know him by the name of ‘Stoned Wale Baba’. There are always pieces of stone in the pocket of Rambhau. They chew them whenever they feel like it. When the doctors came to know about this stone-eating elder, he too was surprised.

Rambhau Bodke says that he came to Mumbai in 1989 in search of work. Here he started complaining of stomachache. He underwent treatment for his stomach pain for three years but did not feel comfortable. In such a situation, he left Mumbai and moved to Satara and started farming. However, here too, he did not feel any relief in stomach ache.

After this, an old lady advised them to eat stones. Just after that Rambhau Bodke started eating stones. This gave him a little relief in stomachache. After this, he started eating stones every day. It has been 31 years since he did this.

A few days ago he complained of stomach ache due to which he was admitted to the hospital. When he underwent a CT scan, he saw a lot of stones in his stomach. The doctors were also surprised to see this. They could not believe that despite eating 250 grams of stone every day, this elderly man is alive. Rambhau is in a good condition at the moment. Doctors have advised him not to eat stones again. However, whether he will be able to control his habit or not, it will be a matter to be seen.

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