High Life Fashion This African Model Recreated Campaigns Featuring White Models To Bring Diversity In...

This African Model Recreated Campaigns Featuring White Models To Bring Diversity In Fashion

We as a society, have started working on limiting or shunning the gaps which are proving to be an obstruction in the way of progress. However, there is still a long way to go where we find ourselves living in a world which doesn’t discriminate on the basis of race or cast and creed.

Deddeh Howard, a Los Angeles-based African model is working hard in achieving this objective. In an incredible photo series called “Black Mirror,” the model, who was born in Liberia, recreates some of fashion’s most iconic ads to address the lack of diversity in the fashion.

The pictures will amaze you. Have a look :

1. Looking no less than Gisele Bundchen

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2.Sorry for Gigi, because I can hardly see any difference.

3. There’s no replacement to Kendall Jenner ? Think again!

4. Matching Linda Evangelista eye to eye! 

5. Honestly, I looked at Abbey Lee Kershaw second!

6. Sidelining Kate Moss is no small deal! 

7. Michelle Williams is hardly visible in front of her!

8. Candice Swanepoel could sweat all she wants, the right will pace up!

9.Bianca Balti could take some pout cues actually!

The objective isn’t to belittle any artist’s work but to promote equality and transparency in the showbiz. And we extend all our wishes to DD. she is sure to go places !

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