High Life This App Allows Women To Take A Tour Of Their Vagina

This App Allows Women To Take A Tour Of Their Vagina

Everyone cares about his health but it’s a problem when the talk comes to our genitals. It’s really not a shame to discuss the problem of that private part of our body but still many people consider it as a taboo, people don’t even go to doctors for the same person. The bigger problem is when the talk comes about a women’s vagina.

To serve that purpose, a new app called Labella has been created which can take a woman to the tour of his vagina and maintain her genital hygiene.

labella app
Source: hergamut

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Labella functions together with an underwear, which a woman has to wear. That underwear takes some intimate pics of the parts of her vagina and can even show the 3D model of  her vulva.

This app also tells the women some common pelvic muscle exercises which can also maintain the healthy condition of their vagina.

“The goal is to develop the app further so it’s available to help explore external anatomy and pelvic fitness, as it is now, but also to expand to diverse areas of women’s health like periods, female genital mutilation, cervical screenings, contraception and more,” Teresa Almeida, one of the app’s creators said.

Although Labella is not available on the digital android stores now but it is already going viral on the internet and people are definitely going to find a way to download it anyhow.

labella app interface
Source: thumbs.mic.com

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