Salvatore Garau

An invisible sculpture called “I Am” made by artist Salvatore Garau has been sold. As reported by, the sculpture has been sold at an Art-Rite auction house for €15,000. Now since the statue is invisible, it has no physical representation and the new buyer is given a receipt of payment for the authenticity of the purchase.

Artist sold an invisible statue 

Salvatore Garau

Let us tell you that the Italian artist auctioned an invisible sculpture for which someone has paid €15,000. As reported by, the sculpture was expected to cost between €6000 and €9000, but after the bidding, it has been sold for €15,000. Now the only way to confirm the physical presence of the idol is through a certificate of authenticity from the new owner, where parallels with NFT art can be drawn. Indeed, the sculpture “I Am” is a non-material sculpture that does not exist in physical form but is created in the mind of its creator.

Talking about his creation, Garou said that ‘he has sold nothing but a vacuum’. According to his interviews on the Art-Rite auction house website, he stated that the vacuum is nothing more than a motion filled with energy, according to the Heisenberg uncertainty principle, which states that “nothing even has weight”. As an artist he had intuition, for which the spiritual and the abstract are supported by science. He said that ‘there is an energy in it which condenses and turns into particles’.

According to the artist’s interview on the auction website, the other invisible sculpture made by Garou is ‘Buddha in contemplation’ placed in Piazza della Scala in Milan. NFTs and abstract sculptures may seem related, but the artist’s point of view is different. According to the artist, they are completely different because NFTs are visible images, autographed JPGs that you collect and which can be viewed on screen. But, invisible sculptures are unique, unseen and irresistible in the most absolute way possible. He further added that ‘the production of NFTs requires an increase in the processing power of the processor, while their sculptures are made with zero impact on the environment’.

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