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This Barista Outlet Came Up With A Genius Idea To Deal With Rude Customers




We’re used to thinking that one person on their own cannot change the course of events or the way things are in a fundamental way.

But a simple guy working at barista living in a small town in Virginia decided otherwise and tried to reduce the day-to-day rudeness of the customers in his coffee shop. We all can do nothing but marvel at his ingenuity.

Austin Simms makes lattes and cappuccinos for the locals in his town every day, and he takes his work very seriously.

One day, Austin found he had grown tired of the daily rudeness and lack of friendliness of customers at his coffee shop, and so he came up with a highly unusual way to influence their behavior.

Each phrase on the sign at the door indicates what a customer at the coffee shop needs to say in order to make their coffee cheaper.

Austin says that his customers are from time to time too preoccupied with their own cares and forget that the people serving them are also human beings who value nothing more than a smile or a word of thanks for their hard work.

A photo of Austin’s sign spread around the Internet and even led to TV news companies taking an interest.

Now there’s little room for doubt — Austin is going to be hearing a lot more kind words at work. Plus, his great idea is likely to provoke a lot of genuine smiles !

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