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This Big B Fan Does Something Awesome For His 73rd Birthday

Although, Megastar Amitabh Bachchan the Shehenshah Of Bollywood said that his 73rd birthday won’t see any Grand celebrations, his fans anyhow are going gaga on his 73rd Birthday celebrating it like their own.

A particular fan named Sundar Pattnaik, who is an outstanding sand art master created a wonderful image of Senior Bachchan on the face of sand at Puri Beach.


Senior Bachchan on the other hand is likely to stay in and keep it low on his birthday, “(It is going to be) Just like any other normal day with the family. Nothing special. My present, is by the grace of the almighty so immensely busy that I have little time to look back and assess. But even if I were to, what would I assess?” he said.

Source: The Deccan Chronicle

“Personally I have my family, professionally I have a few projects which I work on, I spend time with them in equal measure. Each passing year is a reward for me.”

Amitabh Bachchan also posted on Twitter ending out thanks to his fans and colleagues and telling how overwhelmed he was..


We wish you a very Happy Birthday Amitji. May you live on to entertain us be loved for many more years to come! 😀

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