High Life This Blue-Eyed Chaiwala From Pakistan Is The New 'nuclear weapon' Slaying Indian...

This Blue-Eyed Chaiwala From Pakistan Is The New ‘nuclear weapon’ Slaying Indian Women

While taking a photo walk in Islamabad, Jiah Ali stumbled upon a discovery that changed her life and could change the life of her subject too. Not just Pakistan, the entire world is going crazy about him and for a good reason!

This Islamabad chaiwala, or tea seller, has become Pakistan’s blue-eyed boy, with people on social media calling him Pak’s “nuclear weapon” who could be unleashed for “surgical strikes on Indian girls.”

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People cannot stop gushing over Pakistan’s very own hot chaiwala, men and women alike !

Atleast now we have a reason for not bombing Pakistan !

Fortunate Islamabadis !

Her first two shot were of him in action, but he happened to look up at the artist and she took the shot of the shy tea seller who smiled and retreated coyly. Unaware of being an internet phenomenon, he might be looking at a major life change, waiting for him !


They say, best things happen when you least expect them to.

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