High Life Women This Bold Video Shows Best The Capabilities Of Women At Work And...

This Bold Video Shows Best The Capabilities Of Women At Work And In Life

A woman whether Indian or from anywhere in the world plays many roles in her span of life, a daughter, a sister, a wife, and a mother but this is not all. There’s another role a woman can play all too well and that is in her career. Yes! A colleague or even a boss. But most of us fail to realise that a woman’s role in her career’s aspect is just as important. Why is it that she needs to let go of one way to fulfill yet another?

This brilliantly created short film, “The Calling” featuring Radhika Apte makes a beautifull bold and an impactful statement about the life and capabilities of all working women..

Nurturing a baby in her womb is a blessing for any woman, let’s NOT make it seem like a setback in the life of a woman in any way possible. Its all about personal choices after all!

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