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This Bollywood Actress Became Widow at a Young Age, Turned Poor After Husband’s Death

Bollywood star Akshay Kumar has worked with many actresses so far. But today we will tell you about his career’s first actress. She became a widow at a very young age. Akshay is working in the Bollywood for 27 years now. He debuted in Bollywood in 1991 with director Raj Sippy’s film Saugandh. The lead actress of the film was Shantipriya who was a renowned South film actress at that time. Shantipriya got widowed at an age of just 35.

Shantipriya got married to actor Siddharth Ray in 1999. Siddharth was the same actor who played the role of an inspector and Kajol’s friend, in the hit film Baazigar. The song featured on him Chupana Bhi Nahi Ata in the film became very popular.

Just after being married for 5 years, Siddharth died due to a major heart attack. To let you know Shanti and Siddharth are the parents of two children. Shanti was so young at that time.

After husband’s death, she struggled a lot to cope up with life. Shantipriya faced a financial crisis. To overcome these, she worked hard and tried her luck in serials. Now, Shanti currently works in a supporting role in serials and films. Shanti is a sister of the popular actress of South film industry, Bhanupriya.

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