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This Bollywood Actress Inaugurates India’s First Art Centre And Medical Clinic For Lesbians And Gays

The world is changing. As Indian supreme court decriminalizes section 377 of Indian penal court, the nation started feeling the change towards LGBTQ community. Recently, India’s first LGBTQ art centre and the medical clinic has been opened by Humsafar Trust in Mumbai.

Bollywood actress Richa Chadda had the honour to inaugurate it. This clinic The clinic will provide mental health counselling and have specialized doctors to monitor lifestyle diseases happened to the LGBTQ community. Not only that, free HIV medication by the National AIDS Control Organization, will also be provided by this centre.

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This is India’s first ever community centre to provide Anti Retroviral Therapy and holistic clinic for the LGBTQ individuals. Mumbai District State AIDS Control Society (MDACS) and FHI 360 help in establishing it for the betterment of the LGBTQ community.

Richa shared her views on it and said, “It’s great that there can be a space where people can come forward without fear of being judged, and get the mental and physical support they need. The Humsafar Trust has been working in this direction for so many years and they have a real sense of the common problems that need to be addressed. Now that #377 has been repealed, I think more such health centres should be there to help bring more inclusivity and access.

Talking about her professional commitments, Richa will be seen in ‘Shakeela’ which is a biopic of soft-porn star fro south Shakeela. the film is releasing this summer. Richa is also doing a film ‘Section 375’.

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