News Shocking This Boy Was Gradually Turning Into Stone Due To A Rare...

Shocking This Boy Was Gradually Turning Into Stone Due To A Rare Skin Disorder

An 11-year-old boy, Ramesh Darji was diagnosed with a genetic condition called harlequin ichthyosis, it is an extremely rare eugenic disorder that causes his skin to grow quickly and thickly, giving the appearance of having scales, or turning into stone.

Boy turning into Stone
Source: Daily

His story is really shocking but the aid he receives from a star is truly motivating.

At The Time Of Birth

Boy that turned to Stone

He was born as a normal baby in Nepal, but 15 days after birth he began growing hard and his skin began to peel and was replaced by thick black scales.

His Disorder Is Extremely Rare

stone kid

Ramesh Darji was suffered from Ichthyosis, it is a genetic disorder that causes a child’s skin to grow hard and thick.

Treatment Was Too Expensive

Ramesh Darji, stone kid

The treatment was too expensive and his parents, Nar and Nanda, couldn’t possibly afford it.

The Joss Stone Foundation

Joss Stone Foundation

Joss Stone, a British singer, was having a concert in Kathmandu, which ends up in raising £1,375 for his treatment through the Joss Stone Foundation.

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