High Life Humour This Can Happen Only In India- The Most Hilarious Sign Boards We...

This Can Happen Only In India- The Most Hilarious Sign Boards We Indian’s Can Make

We Indians always try to speak English even if we do not know it correctly, a misconception has been made that whoever  speaks English is much more intelligent and cool ! Well, it’s not like that. But we still do it, and proudly do it. India is a unique country, but after seeing these hilarious sign boards it will be proven.  

Image CreditCommon

Yes, This joke is on Ex- Prime minister Manmohan Singh ! Keep your phones on “Manmohan Mode”.

Image CreditWitty Images

Got It ? Do not misunderstand us !

Image creditAmusing Time

Must ReadDon’t freak out but according to NASA you might have a new zodiac sign ! 

We cannot guarantee you that if it is a dental clinic !

Image Credit India Everything

Thank god only the spelling is wrong !

Image CreditIndia Today

Because of increasing craze for social media, they put up a sign for social cause

Image Source Youtube

We have the answer !

dramatic advertising
Image Credit – Men’s X

The best family in the whole world

Image Credit – Men’s X

Dude, Do not tell us your plans !

Image Credit – Mens Xp

Now, you know where to get totally cool chick girls !

Image Credit – Men’s Xp

Engineering made fun, even just for a second !

Image Credit – Kya Boss 

The best “Messes” are given here ! And the children’s are what ?

Image CreditBuzz Feed

Awesome way to display timings, inspired by Facebook

Image Creditgustakh

This can happen only in India, This is an Advertisement of What ?

Image Credit – Men’s Xp

This type of English can be used only in India. This shows that how much we Indians are addicted to English.

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