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This Can’t be Kashmiriyat said Mehbooba Mufti on death of Tamil Nadu Tourist

The 22 years old tourist named Thirumani died in Jammu & Kashmir. CM of J&K Mehbooba Mufti said that the incident rattled the mother in her heart. Thirumani and his family were returning from Gulmarg when their vehicle caught in stone pelting near Magam area of Budgam. A stone hit the boy and he was rushed to Soura Institute of Medical Sciences where he died.

CM Mehbooba Mufti meeting father of Thirumani at Chennai.

Chief Minister Mehbooba Mufti emphasized that what kind of education being imparted to our children. Our religion Islam teaches us to take care of our guests. The people who picked up stones to kill someone have no religion said Mufti after meeting the father of Chennai resident S Thirumani, who was holidaying in the Valley with his family and died at a hospital in Srinagar.

She also said that “what are we teaching to our children? To pick up stones and kill anyone walking on the road? I can’t be talking about tourism, it is a basic question of humanity. This can’t be Kashmiriyat” Said Jammu & Kashmir Chief Minister Mejhbooba Mufti.

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