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Trending This Cat Keeps Posing Like Superman And Nobody Knows The Reason Behind...

This Cat Keeps Posing Like Superman And Nobody Knows The Reason Behind It

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You might have come across some really cute pics of cats and kittens all over the internet. But chances are less that you might have seen a cat with magical powers..umm i meant to say super-powers. Ya, you heard that right. But not having real super-powers, this cat named Keys thinks she is the descendant of the Super-Man or Super-Cat, whatever.. I haven’t seen any cat flying with a red underwear on. But she really poses like she is the gifted one and has landed straight outta Krypton.

Peter Mares, her Californian owner, saw her throw her paws in the air one morning (presumably like she just didn’t care) and so he quickly took a picture. And later on he found that his pet is fond of posing like that.

Have a look of her here, Keys looks like she is always ready to fly :


She is waving some airplane !

She even yawn like that too :

That – No I cannot be blamed for that look.


Or else she is just too fond of YOGA :


No matter where..I am gonna be like that :


Hey humans.. I am fainting..get me something to eat


Time for family picture


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