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This College’s Rule Book For Girls Will Leave You Mortified

We all know that Southern India has many reputed engineering colleges and Sri Sairam college is one of them with a beautiful campus. However, this college has a special rulebook for girls which is to be strictly followed.

Sri Sairam Engineering College


But since when does schools and colleges have been giving competition to prisons? Taking away the basic freedom and rights of an individual is considered a way of punishing the criminals how can it be used to educate the youth and future of a nation?


Moreover, such ridiculous restrictions only because you are a girl! Is it a crime to be a born as a fairer sex?

List of Rules by Sri Sairam College issued only for Girls Posted by Mantal Bwoy

Well, this college really needs to mend ways especially being a co-educational institute and must learn first what the word ‘rules’ actually stand for!

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