dangerous component
dangerous component

This dangerous food additive will be banned in the European Union in the beginning of 2022. So read out to know what it is.

It is being told that from the beginning of 2022, another dangerous food additive will be banned in the European Union. Although this will not be applied to many countries. Actually in 2019. The ban was decided by france. But we are still silent about the dangers of this substance, probably, it is the component found in products like breads, chewing gum and mayonnaise. This component that worries Europeans so much is titanium dioxide, which appears in the composition of products under the code E171. So they are now deciding to ban this ingredient. That is responsible for causing cancer.

According to many scientists around the world the action of titanium dioxide on the human body has long been a pressing problem. But its danger was proved in Australia, at the University of Sydney,recently. Experiments on mice, which continued for several years, have confirmed that this compound is capable of causing intestinal cancer and a number of other serious diseases.

What does it do?

The substance, after getting into the intestines with food, destroys its microflora. And yes, titanium dioxide does not kill bacteria, it just changes them and reduces performance. Microorganisms cease to perform their basic functions, but at the same time they actively multiply. This leads to the formation of biofilms – a collection of bacteria that causes inflammation in the intestines. Constantly inflamed tissues change and this can cause cancer.The French decided to do this two years ago, and in the rest of the EU, the ban will come into force on January 1, 2022. However they have not yet decided what to do with titanium dioxide contained in drugs. Because in some places it plays an important role and is still irreplaceable.

What is E171?

In the food industry, E171 is used for bleaching products. Manufacturers add it to mayonnaise, dairy products, chewing gum, canned fish, baked goods and confectionery. Titanium dioxide is also found in some medicines. But now after the research scientist are finding this component perilous for human body.

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