This Dangerous Tribe Used To Eat Man-Meat

Many tribes exist in different parts of the world, which even today are nothing less than a mystery to the whole world. Whether they are African tribals or different tribes of Amazon. One such mysterious tribe is the Korowai, who live on trees in a dense forest in Papua province, Indonesia. This tribe is also called cannibal. Those who are notorious for eating the flesh of tribal men, they are now going to become tourist guides to roam the people of the city in the forest.

Today, there is a figure of having a total of three thousand Korowai people. The tribe was first discovered by a Dutch missionary in 1974, before which no one knew about them. People here did not even know that more people live outside their forest. After this, the movement of people here increased, due to which prostitution also started increasing in the 90s. The women were forced to eat forcefully or to get some kind of valuable thing to sleep with a return tourist. However, it all stopped in 1999 following the initiative of the government. Even today, women are kept here only to produce children and cook at home. Now the Korowai people are contacting the tour operators of the cities to earn money. The people of the city get money in exchange for roaming the forest.  

Had no contact with the outside world
, despite the movement of people, there was no contact with the outside world of people associated with the tribe. These people live in houses built on trees at a height of 6 to 12 meters above the ground, so that no one can attack them and these people are also protected from evil spirits. People of this tribe hunt for livelihood. Their aim is much better. They are mastered in fishing.Explain that the area in which the Korowai tribe resides is located about 150 km from the Arafura Sea. Many documentaries have also been made on these people. It is said that the people of this tribe consider superstition a lot, due to which humans also eat it. However, it is now being said that after the arrival of a tourist in the area, the practice of eating human meat has stopped. However, now how safe will be the people who travel with them, it will be known when the time comes. 

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