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News This Drug Dealer Sent His Price Sheet To Police By Mistake, Here's...

This Drug Dealer Sent His Price Sheet To Police By Mistake, Here’s What Happened Next

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Sending a message to the wrong person in a hurry is what we all have done once in our lives. Whether we’re drunk or sober.

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A 22-year-old man based in the U.K and named as Martynas Benosenko put himself in big trouble. Also, he ended up with handcuffs in his hands behind the bars. Actually this man is a drug dealer and he accidentally texted his price list to police when he was intoxicated in a big music festival.

According to Unilad, this man was arrested at the Leeds Festival after the cops carried out a search and caught over 3,000 pounds worth of drugs like cocaine and MDMA. This contained 28 bags of cocaine and 67 MDMA tablets. 

Courtesy: Drug Abuse
Courtesy: Drug Abuse

Also, the Court has given him imprisonment for 3 years for the possession of drugs.  According to Prosecutor Jessica Randall, police arrested him at the music festival. In Branham after security officials caught him “smoking cannabis”

This all happened when Martynas tried to earn some quick bucks in the festival when he was intoxicated.

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