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This Vancouver Based Girl Looks EXACTLY Like Priyanka Chopra!!




This girl has blown over the lids of excitement with her pictures on the social media accounts. Call it a perfect case of Dopple Ganger, but this girl looks so much like Priyanka Chopra!

This 21-year-old Vancouver-based fitness blogger Navpreet Banga seems to be blessed to carry an uncanny resemblance to PeeCee.

That has to be Priyanka guys!

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Are you sure it is not Priyanka who is relaxing?

And then you say she is not Priyanka?

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Best 21st Birthday I Ever Had💞☺️ #21

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Ok! Trying hard to believe it is not Priyanka

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Ok, Ok! Convinced she is her look alike only! (Back of the mind- It has to be PeeCee!!)

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Since it is the new year and a lot of you may be thinking of getting back onto your fitness grind, I want to remind you that fitness isn't something you should care about just to look good or something you care about only when you have time. Fitness can be a part of your life all year, fitness is the decisions you make everyday, fitness is being mindful, fitness is treating yourself the way you were meant to be treated. Start looking at Nutrition as Delicious, start looking at your Workout as your Powerful Amp-Up time where you release your total potential and feel like a badass at the end of it. When you start makes choices willingly, and stop looking at it as something you HAVE to do or you NEED to do, and start seeing that HEALTHY is something you deserve to feel in your everyday life, that is when you are truly living and you'll never want to fall off track again. Goodluck on your fitness journey! Have a Blessed 2016 💕✨🎉 #2016 #Fitness #FitnessGoals #Health #Lifestyle #LetsGeeeeetit

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She certainly masters the art of looking alike!

If her height wouldn’t have given her away, I would have been standing next to her for an autograph!

Two people sharing the same face eh? Well Priyanka should certainly contact her coz one can help her better in body doubling than Navpreet herself!

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