Infotainment This Girl Is Not At All Scared Of Heights And These Scary...

This Girl Is Not At All Scared Of Heights And These Scary Selfies Prove It

Angela Nikolau’s Instagram bio simply states “No limit, no control” and that could not be more true.

The Moscow-based dare devil and adrenaline junkie has a bit of a thing for heights. Photographing herself vicariously dangling off the side of skyscrapers and practising yoga positions at dizzying heights, your hands will get a bit clammy just looking at these pictures….

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However, there’s no doubt that these images are beautiful – enchanting even. If you can get over the stomach-churning, light-headed feeling you get just looking at them.

That’s a good way to get enough sun rays

I cannot dare to do that !


That watch-guard of the city pose

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