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News This Girl Married 11 Men and The Reason Will Shock You!

This Girl Married 11 Men and The Reason Will Shock You!

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It is said that marriages are made in heaven, different religions have different definitions about marriage rituals. However, the terms or meanings of the marriage are getting change these days. Relating to this we are going to tell you an incident that left everybody shock!

she looted them and ran away

Megha who is the highlight of this post married 11 different men across India and now is behind the gratings as she has caught by the police. She used to marry a guy in order to loot him and then went disappear. She targeted 11 men till date and was in search for 12th but failed as she was arrested by the police.

she married 11 men and looted them

She used to target rich men who were either divorcees or handicapped. She flattered them by her sweet talks and creepy curves, marry them and then ran away. She looked very classy as she spoke English flawlessly and this is the main why men get attracted towards her and couldn’t recognize that she is a con.

According to police, she wasn’t alone in this whole connive play, her sister Prachi and sister’s husband, Devendra were involved too. She gave sedatives to her targeted men, collect all their cash, jewelry and other precious things and loot them as much as she can and move city to city in search of new targets.

But as they say, there is an end of every evil reign. After a complaint lodged by a guy named Lauren, police started its further proceedings and investigations to arrest her and tracked her successfully on the basis of one phone call.

When police arrested Megha

We wish if she put her sharp brain in right and valuable things the story would have been better and different!

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