High Life Humour This Guy Addressed Every Other Lady On The Streets As ‘BHABHI’ And...

This Guy Addressed Every Other Lady On The Streets As ‘BHABHI’ And The Reactions Are Hilarious

There is an expression which goes like ‘Never Ask a lady/young lady about her age‘ which is indeed very true. In this video, Similar case just took place as a person went across the Delhi University North Campus and put forth inconsistent inquiries to every young lady by pointing her as “BHABHI” (Sister In Law), which in India is ‘by default’ the 2nd name of each young lady in an individual’s friend circle. Age Shaming is something that truly influences a man’s psyche and his or her identities. In spite of the fact that this video was simply expected for some fun and is nothing related to disgrace someone’s individual identity. Check out the epic video – addressed

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