Keisuke Jinushi is a 28- year old freelanch photographer from japan, uploaded a couple of super cute photos of him and his girlfriend to his Instagram and his blog, making you “awww” and sigh through the series of lovey-dovey images. That is, until you look behind the scenes of his photo creations..

Cute isn’t it?


Not really!


His photo series is essentially an annoyed plea to lovey-dovey couples that flooded his news feed with images he didn’t necessarily need (or want) to see.

So, he decided to get a girlfriend…or, erm, make a girlfriend.



Believe it or not, he staged all of the photos and the lucky lady in his photos turned out to be his hand! It’s actually quite impressive and, in all honesty, quite hilarious. Check out how he faked having a girlfriend through the world of Instagram (which really makes you think of how much is faked and exaggerated online).

When things seem like this on the internet.


They could really be like this!


Remember, everything you see isn’t necessarily the reality, including happiness.fake-9