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High Life This Guy Woke Up To See His Uncle's Dick Pic In The...

This Guy Woke Up To See His Uncle’s Dick Pic In The WhatsApp Family Group

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It’s not very often that you wake up a regular day and something happens which leaves you both shocked,panicked and rolling in the floor laughing.

It was a regular Wednesday morning for Aashish Mehrotra until he checked his Whatsapp. And to the big surprise, waiting was a pick of a dick and that to in the family group.

Aashish and his wife, Shweta Sangtani, had recently been added to a family Whatsapp group by Aashish’s dad because technology and family goes hand in hand. But it wasn’t random forwarded messages that enraged Aashish, it was the picture of a frigging penis that scarred him for life and beyond.

Aashish’s Mama (maternal uncle) accidentally sent a picture of his dick on the family’s group chat. I cannot stop wondering what his uncle was up to but that, was a really really embarrassing mistake. The Mama then tried to cover it up by spamming the Whatsapp group with hoards of articles and forwarded messages to dissolve the dick pic somewhere in the stream but the metaphorical arrow had left the bow.

Aashish’s dad, the most unfortunate Whatsapp group admin in history, immediately removed everyone, especially the children, from the group.

On the other hand, annoyed by repeated notifications, Aashish’s wife Shweta had left the group without having seen any picture. Once she came to know about the unfortunate situation that the children of the family may have been exposed to an adult’s dick pic, she did what every responsible person would do.

She tweeted it.

All you can hope after reading this is that no dick pic suddenly pops up early morning on your family group leaving everyone embarrassed.

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