High Life Travel This Insane Road In France Magically Disappears UnderWater Twice A Day

This Insane Road In France Magically Disappears UnderWater Twice A Day

There is a road in France named “Passage Du Gois”, which is a natural, periodically passage which leads to the island of Noirmoutier in France. It is located between the lle De Noirmoutier and Beauvoir – Sur – Mer, in the department of Vendee.  

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Because of the high tide, it gets flooded twice a day, this is the reason that this road is built this way. The road is 4.125 Kms long.

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Every year a foot race is also organized, starting at the onset of high tide.

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You can only drive on this road twice a day before it gets flooded and the rest of the day it is hidden beneath 13 ft of waves. 

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348905-b6f8b6cs-960-1000-e0afc233d5-1474272029This road is one of the dangerous roads in the world. On both sides of the road,  there are special panels, which will tell you if the road is passable or not. And yet every year many adventurous travelers get trapped in the rapidly rising waters as the tide comes in. For those caught between the tides, elevated rescue towers are located all along the Passage du Gois. A person can climb these towers and wait until they are rescued or until the tide goes down again. 

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