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This Is Exactly How Deadly the Inside Of A Crocodile’s Mouth Is

Ever Wondered how big is a crocodile’s mouth or how wide could it open its Jaws of Death. Well, this is exactly how deadly the inside of a crocodile’s mouth is and its really freaky!

National Geographic photographer Trevor Frost and Melissa Lesh went on to capture the attack of a salt-water crocodile up and close in the north territory of Australia. Trevor wanted to get a video of the crocodile’s jaws and so they set on a month long expedition where they used nine cameras fitted into remote-controlled boats to capture the video and pictures from the inside of the croc’s jaws!

Well, Luckily and quite fortunately both Trevor and Melissa lived to tell the tale and project to the world this video which actually makes you speechless! Did You Know? The force of a crocodile’s bite is strong enough to crush a human skull?  Scary isn’t it?!

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