Videos This Is How A Gangster Punishes His Cheating Girlfriend

This Is How A Gangster Punishes His Cheating Girlfriend

Disloyalty at this generation is not a very uncommon thing. Disloyal partners are true evil and can ruin ones life. It really hurts, and at the same time one becomes super angry knowing the fact that he/she was being betrayed by the most important person of their life at that time.

And different people have different ways of reacting to a betrayal and a disloyal partners. But it’s best that one should just let bygones be bygones, strap on a new pair and move on. However for some people that’s just a thing to say.

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For example take this Brazilian gangster who is a member of a drug dealing gang. The man accused his girlfriend of cheating him behind his back. So for punishment, the guy gave her girlfriend a new haircut. This is totally brutal and an obnoxious way to behave.

Performing the buzz cut in front of a crowd, other members of the gang laugh and cheer as chunks of hair fall to the floor.

Unfortunately, this kind of thing must be the norm in cartels, as the girl barely flinches and accepts her bizarre punishment.

Sadly, this kind of things must be a common norm in Cartels as the girl barely resists and accepts the punishment. Also as if the humiliation wasn’t enough the girls eyebrows are also shaved. The girl is then forced to make a call, presumably to the guy whom she was cheating on with her partner.

No matter how furious one feels after getting cheated, this is not at all a good way to react.

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