This Is How Life Gets When You Work Night Shifts

Working 10 hours straight in a day as such is quite tough as we all know but when you work at night shifts well, then your life turns completely upside down. Your body is as confused as your mind while working night shifts as 10 to 7 becomes your 7 to 4. Well, we understand how hard it must be and probably this is how life gets when you work Nigh shifts..

1. Social Life becomes an alienated concept.


And it so happens because when you try to contact them during the day, they’re all at work and just the same thing happens when they try to reach you at night..

2. You learn to Live with your new Best Friends.


As the only company you get are those stray dogs in the street who are more friendly to you than with the watchman.

3. You try to fit into Foreign time Zones


Because now only Human friends that you can talk to are those who live abroad.. only those who can come to your rescue.

4. You learn to sleep in broad daylight


While your friends are at work you’re dreaming of visiting exotic places that have a good “Night” life..

5. You always get to hear how Happening the Birthday party was that you missed..


And you just can’t help but curse everything and anything in your heart..

6. Your only proper meal is The Brunch!


7. On certain days You look worse than a guy tripping on drugs with dark circles and baggy eyes.


8. Your friends think YOur life is just Awesome


as you get to do whatever you want during the day while you just get more pissed at this point..

9. There are only Two things you can do that is work and sleep


as by the time you wake up after returning home its time for you to get back to work again..

10. YOu’re always hungry


as you don’t get to have any proper meal and even the free tea/coffee or food at work doesn’t help.

11. You always feel sleepy at work but when you reach home, BAM! you’re wide awake..


12. You don’t hate mondays anymore


but practically every other day of the week..

13. You’ve become a Night owl forever


and no matter how much you try to changeit, it just won’t and now you just have to accept it as your lifestyle.

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