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This Is How Much Some Instagrammers Get Paid For One Post And We Are Just Doing It Wrong All The Time

For the greater part of us, Instagram is simply one more photograph sharing application where we post photos of our extraordinary version, our last night’s hangout or a photo of us hanging out with our companions. We post the photos, get two or three likes here and there and disregard them. They stay there on our timeline yet soon get to be memories of the past of. In any case, now, Instagram has turned out to be far beyond only a photograph sharing application. It’s a commercial center where brands flourish to impact a more youthful gathering of people that spends more, and is always checking the application for updates. What’s more, trust it in the event that you can, each photo on this application is every picture on this app is worth a hell lot of money.

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How much do they earn? 

Well, as far as the earning concept is concerned, the Instagram posts earns a lot more than you think! The specific amount that an instagrammer earns depends on the cost to reach one thousand people, which is also known as CPM. This can be further explained as follows –

If the average CPM is anywhere between $5 to $10, then an Instagram user who has 10k followers can ask up to $100 per post. (CPM = 10,000/1000×10). So adding to this, we are giving you the rough estimate of how much you can earn from you Instagram posts:-

  • If you have 2,000 to 9,000 Instagram followers, you can easily make Rs4,000-16,000 per post.

  • If you have 10,000 to 50,000 Instagram followers, you can earn up to Rs 16,000-30,000 per post. 

  • If you have a whooping 60,000-1000,000 Instagram followers, you can earn up to Rs. 35,000-60,000 per post.

  • If you have Instagram followers between 100,000 and 500,000, you can earn up to a lakh per post.

  • And if you happen to have more than 500,000 followers on Instagram, all you have to do is quote a price. According to industry standards, you can presume to earn up to Rs, 1.2 lakh per post.

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However, with regards to superstars and celebrities, the sum can triple up in the blink of an eye. Where a non-big name Instagram influencer was getting 30,000-1 lakh for a supported post, a big name can rake in as much as a crore! Are you guys looking forward to this amazing side business opportunity? Do not forget to thank us in the comment section below!

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