first beauty treatments
first beauty treatments

Women nowadays use many beauty treatments to look beautiful and charming. The beauty salons are full of equipment that is most commonly used. But can you imagine how this beauty equipments like hair dryers, curling machine, makeup corrector, face treatment mask looked like in the past? If not then we have arranged a tour of beauty salons at the beginning of the last century. So take a look at these pictures below.

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Take a look at the Permanent hair curling. (Germany, 1929).

Invented by Max Factor in the 1930s this device to helped to correct makeup applications.

Ice mask done by Max Factor.

This is how customers dried their hair with a hairdryer, in the 1920s.

Carbon Dioxide Freckle Removal Procedure,in the 1930s.

For weight loss, these kinds of metal rollers were used. (USA, 1940s)

This mask was used for warming up the face and scalp. (July 1940).

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