This Is How Zareen Khan's Weight Loss Post Inspired A Fan!

This Is How Zareen Khan’s Weight Loss Post Inspired A Fan!

Not many actresses in today’s time would like to reveal how overweight they were or how they looked before turning glam queen in Bollywood, but Zareen has been an exception. Recently, Hate Story 3 actress Zareen Khan was admired by one and all when she had posted her teenage pictures, where she was overweight and spoke about body shaming, a problem that almost every individual is dealing with.


13043675_1170467179642179_5892758953272245443_nHowever, a fan who wishes to be unnamed wrote a long letter to Zareen. The fan, who was overweight, has been dealing with this issue since a long time which led to not socializing and keeping a low key. Though, this post gave Zareen’s fan some positive energy. The fan also saluted the actress to post those pics on a social networking site.


Zareen khan replying to this said that “I’m much confident about my weight loss journey and doesn’t get affected by people commenting about the weight. You have to be proud of what you are.” Zareen Khan is currently training under Abbas Ali (Shahid Kapoor’s trainer) and works out every day for two hours without fail.

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