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Infotainment This Is The Real Reason Behind Saying Bless You After Someone Sneezes

This Is The Real Reason Behind Saying Bless You After Someone Sneezes

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Whenever someone sneezes around you, you are bound to say “Bless You” as a gesture but have you ever wondered as to why people say it even ? What does sneezing have to do with blessings? What this phrase mean? There are many stories behind these use of Bless You!


The Story Centuries Old!!

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It is believed that this phrase was started in the sixth century by the Pope Gregory the Great. It was during the outbreak of the deadly disease of Plague. The plague was sweeping off the whole Europe and sneezing was the first sign of the symptoms. So, whenever someone sneezed at that time was wished good health. As the people believed that blessing someone can stop the path of the disease. This is one story behind the phrase “Bless You”!.

Do Our Soul Escapes Our Body While Sneezing ?

According to some folk belief, people earlier believed that the soul of a person can be thrown out of their body while they sneeze! And saying, BlessYou was a way to protect the body from the devil.


Other’s believe that the devil enters the body when someone sneezes. It sure has an interesting origin.

Is It Because Our Heart Stops While sneezing


Some people believe very strongly that when a person sneezes the heart stops working which is why they bless you. But this is a myth! People believed that saying Bless You can encourage someone heart’s to beat again.

Basically, the real reason behind saying bless you is to wish you good health. But in reality, the real reason behind sneezing is  just a reflex action or is a sign of some cold or allergy. But, you have got so accustomed to this “bless you” phrase that you still persist in the custom of saying “bless you” out of habit or courtesy.

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