Marriages surely though are an inevitable part of our lives, it somehow marks the beginning of our new life. You gradually succumb to it even though you keep denying it. If you have a friend who used to say, “Arrey yaar main toh aisi rahungi shaadi Ke baad bhi” Don’t belive them! And its not even their fault, Marriage is such an institution. And this is usually what happens when our friends get married.

Those who used to pick up our call at the second ring, don’t even remember to call back!


And even if they rarely do, They never have the time to talk.

They gradually start to fade from the social life and the usual Hangout plans


You are now used to them making excuses for not attending Social events or Gatherings


When you meet them after a long time they seem to have completely transformed.

And even when you meet and the time spent is Cherishable but it is all about their stories from Married life.


Gradually their Significant other becomes a constant part of your Group.


If They do make it to an Event, they always have to leave early.

Their Plans are all about Dinners and Gatherings at Home.


You mostly get to see them in Traditional attires with jewellery and they pull it off with Swag!


They suddenly become more mature and Wise and calm in every situation.


You can always trust their Advise about Love- all thanks to their Wisdom.

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