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This Is what Happens If You Have A Guy Best Friend

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While having boyfriend is something really great and exciting, having a guy best friend for life is just even more amazing. There are uncountable perks to have a guy close to you but not like that and its emotionally fulfilling than gruelling. So if you too have a boy best friend, you’ll surely want to call him and hug him after reading THIS!

1. He has always got your back.

Whether its while you’re walking down the road together or annoying guys trying to hit on you, he’ll always manage to get you out of the situation that too in the most amusing way.


2. People keep asking you why you guys aren’t dating

And when you answer that you’re just super happy to be friends they’ll always assume you’re trying to hide it.


3. He gives you the best advice about guys.

Who can ever advice you better about a guy than.. A Guy himself! Ta-da!

4. Your special someones are always suspicious about you two.

Well, initially they might be but soon after they get used to it but anyhow you would never let things affect your friendship.

5. There’s no Drama.

You feel that guy besties are always refreshing and chilled out and easy to hang out with.


6. There’s no Judgement.

You can get hooked to a stranger at the bar while half drunk or eat like a dinosaur in front of him and he will never judge you or think less of you.


7. He will always give you an honest opinion, be it about anything.

If a certain dress doesn’t look good on you he will be the first one to shout that out to you or even give you his unfiltered views about a certain guy you like.


8. He’ll never let you date a loser.

Just Like I mentioned above he will always be honest and be protective for you when needed.

9. He’s never going to break up with you.

The difference between a Boy being a best friend and a boyfriend is that a boyfriend might end things with you at a certain point but your best buddy will never leave your side even after fights and fights and whatever.


10. He accepts you for who you are.

Your best friend will never want you to change for anything or anybody even himself. And you can always be yourself. Talk to him about nayhting, watch any kind of movie with him, be as silly as you wish to be. You’re never self-conscious or worried about what he may think. Its a breath of fresh air!

How about that call now? 😉

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