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This Is What The Bra That You Wear Says About You

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Believe it or not but the bra that you wear says alot about you and your personality!

Girls remember the first time that we went Bra shopping most probably with our moms and the particular style of Bra hat we picked because we felt comfortable or beautiful in it? Well, There was plenty to choose from and the one that we choose or pick can tell a lot about a girl. It is quite hard to explain but there is certainly a strange relationship between a Girl and the style of her favourite Bra. Let’s find out What? Why? and How?

Sports Bra

The girls who prefer to wear a Sports bra are more athletic and active. they love to stay outdoors and are adventurous. You don’t care what people might think of you because you’re comfortable in your own skin, mind and body.

T-shirt Bra

These are for the cool and chirpy girls who don’t like to wrinkle their foreheads much. You take things lightly and enjoy the moment and prefer to have a simple and sorted life. But you always got that element of surprise within you.

Demi Bra

The classic half cup bra says that you are a down to earth kind of a girl and you tend to stay away from drama. Your sense of style is effortless and you never look out of place.

Push Up Bra

You like to take charge and control of things. You are great at planning things and keeping it in control. You know what you want and are mostly clear about things in your head. You are outgoing and flirty and definitely hard to ignore.

Strapless Bra

You are one exciting and adventurous gal. You like to try different things and can deal with experimentation beautifully. Your fashion sense however, is safe yet bold which you tend to make a statement with.

Underwired Bra

A perfect mix of fun and sweet, you love hanging out with friends and enjoy company. You look for support from your close and dear ones. Your fashion sense is great and out of the box which makes you a Diva!

Lace Bra

You are quite observant and pay attention to even tiny details. You are great at planning and managing things. You take out time for everyone in your life. You are honest and open about things in your life. Your fashion sense is charming as you know best what you can carry and what carries you!

Front Hook Bra

You value convenience as you think ‘Why to go the hard way when you have the easy way?’ 😉 You like things to be accessible even if it’s your own ‘assets’. You are the race winner as you tend to do things quickly which is apert of your eager nature.

Padded Bra

You are quite intellectual and reasonable and can find best solutions to a problem. You don’t like to show off and are much on the conservative side but you are a strong woman and know when to take the stride. You prefer comfort in fashion but you don’t miss out on the chic factor.

Corset Bra

You are energetic and a perfectionist. You never mind putting in extra time to get the best results. You make efforts to look and be flawless a sign of being an overachiever. You’re not scared to express your desires be it sexual. Needless to say, you are sexy and unorthodox.

Convertible Bra

You like to keep other options ready and open and you are totally flexible in doing ‘things.’ You think and act in the moment and are ready for anything anytime.

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