Balika Vadhu’ Director Ram Vriksha Gaur Selling Vegetables

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Trending This Is What You Get For Throwing Cigarette At A Boxer's Girlfriend

This Is What You Get For Throwing Cigarette At A Boxer’s Girlfriend

Well, this is for all the eve-teasers who just pretend to be the real men but actually, don’t respect women.

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Now this is¬†what you actually get for messing up with a boxer’s girlfriend. Yes, that guy was a boxer and unfortunately, the goon didn’t know that. As soon as he threw the cigarette on his girlfriend, the boxer got angered and indulged in a fight with the goon, his partner also tried to help him and hurt the boxer but the result?

The goon got down in just one single punch!

This amazing video of a boyfriend protecting her girlfriend has already gone viral on the internet and gives a clear message to this young generation to please respect women.

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