Stepping into your twenties or already have? Great! Still trying to figure all out about life? Even Better, we say! It is absolutely normal to feel all clueless about your life ahead. But the uncertainty is what fills us with hope and look out for surprises that life has planned for us isn’t it? So why worry? All you need to be doing in your Twenties is really start living and experiencing life as it comes. Take on new challenges and grab opportunities, Fail and make mistakes and get back on.

Explore Yourself and Find your passion. Live your Dream.


True Love Exists! Believe in it and keep searching for yor true love till.


Don’t Give up if you face rejection and be Patient, You will find it when you lest expect it to.

Experiment. Switch Jobs and even careers. Its better to take few years to find out rather than spending the rest of your life in regret.

New Life

And once you do find out what you’re good at and what you Love to Do. Work Hard to excel in it everyday.

Travel as much as you can, because every journey will teach you something new.


Try Out a new Look. Get Inked. Try all that you ever wanted to leave no room for Regret.

Love yourself. Work on yourself. Stay Fit and Stay Healthy.

20-5Make new Friends and Give your best to keep them in your life. You never know what good they might bring to your life.

Leave the comfort of your home and move out. This shall prepare you to take on the big bad world.

Woman leaving entrance door carrying two suitcases, low section

Start saving on the money. Money is very important and you will realise this in the years to come.

Talk to parents daily. Nobody loves you as truly and as much like your family does.


Education is must. Don’t go for degrees but for how it wil shape your character.

Learn to Cook. It is a great pleasure to create something delicious all by yourself and you never know when you will have to start fending for yourself.

Woman cooking in kitchen with ingredients around her

Take up a Sport. It builds you both physically and mentally.

Learn to play a music Instrument. Know what connects to your soul. Music is divine.


Adopt a Pet. They teach you alot even when they can’t speak.

Read. Make a list of all the books you wanna read. There’s alot you will see through the world of books.


Try Adventure Sports. Face the thrill and experience the gut wrenching sports. You will know what you’re really made of.

The last but most important of all, learn to stay Happy. Because whatever may happen but Life Happens only once. Live each day!

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