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High Life This Is What Your Favorite Bollywood Stars Have For Breakfast

This Is What Your Favorite Bollywood Stars Have For Breakfast

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Whether its fashion, link-ups, Hobbies, or cars they drive or a weightloss workout regime or a healthy diets, the life and conduct of Bollywood stars have always intrigued us. We crave for even what they eat and how much of what they eat. And so to satiate our hunger tad bit more here’s what your favorite B-Town Celebs have for Breakfast.

John Abraham


This insanely hot actor with his beefed up muscular body eats nothing short of what Hulk might. John’s breakfast includes 6 egg whites, 4 slices of toast with butter, 10 almonds and a ginormous glass of fruit juice. Of course you’ll have to workout like him too after having such a hearty meal.


Hrithik Roshan


This incredibly Handsome Greek God does alot to stay super fit and healthy. He takes 4 egg whites, 2 brown breads, 1 protein shake and 1 platter of fresh fruit as breakfast. He downs a glass of water every hour.

Malaika Arora Khan


Ravishingly Gorgeous mother gets more enticingly beautiful with every passing day and all she has breakfast includes idli, poha, upma or porridge. She also has a small bowl full of seasonal fruits.

Kareena Kapoor Khan


Bebo as we call her is known for having to her heart’s content and she doesn’t go all sacredly ritiual for diet regime. Keeping it simple, she kick-starts her day with a banana and a cup of coffee. Her breakfast includes a bowl of muesli with nuts or two paranthas and yogurt. Also, she is 100% vegetarian.

Deepika Padukone


This South Indian beauty sticks to egg whites and omelettes, of course when she’s not gorging on Idlis and Dosas. Also, she is blessed with a great metabolism and doesn’t fear eating what she wishes. Sports Genes came in handy!

Ranbir Kapoor


The Kapoor khandaan is known for their appetite for good delicious food and seeing Papa Rishi Kapoor, well, Ranbir has till now done a great job keeping his physique. His breakfast usually comprises of 3 egg whites, brown bread, protein shake and almonds.

Shilpa Shetty


The Goddess of fitness and toned belly and slender feminine figure gorges on non-vegetarian food 6 days a week, hitting the gym regularly and also maintains a strict 2000 calorie daily intake. Her breakfast includes protein shake, 2 dates and 8 black raisins.

Madhuri Dixit Nene


No one could possibly age as gracefully as our very own dhakk dhakk Girl. The key however, as she believes it, is having a healthy Indian meal than just surviving on juices.

Salman Khan


Salman Khan is Dabangg even when it comes to having his first meal for the day which includes eggs, bread, butter, mix vegetables, chapatis and low-fat-milk. Whoa! Doesn’t get heavier than this! You can’t be Salman Khan even with an appetite like that, because you still need a heart as big!

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