To have a sexy desirable body is what we yearn for in life. To feel great and confident about yourself a great fit body is very essential. Also, staying fit also lets you live longer and healthier.

In today’s busy life it seems very hard to find time even for yourself and to achieve your fitness and body goals. And so, to ease the whole process of shedding extra weight and reducing your waistline here is a drink that will quicken the process.


Made from only natural ingredients, this drink will have no side effects on your health. It helps in detoxification of excess consumed fat and removing it from your system before it finds a permanent place in your body.

All you need is..

  • Water
  • Ginger root
  • Cucumber
  • Lemon
  • Mint

Method: Grate the ginger root and peel a medium sized fresh cucumber to be cut into thin pieces. Cut the lemon and wash 12 mint leaves with fresh water. When this is done, mix all the ingredients with eight glasses of water. leave the concoction overnight for 12 hours so that the ingredients are fully soaked in water and leave in their scent.


Consume the drink the following day whenever you feel thirsty. Make sure that you consume this drink for minimum four days to see the desired results. Also, replace the water everyday with fresh water.


Truth be told, the drink alone will not make you lose weight, accompany this method with regular light exercise in the morning and have 5 healthy small meals in a day and you will see a change in how healthy you feel inside and good you look on the outside!