This Male Skeleton Found In School Will Leave You SHOCKED!!


Shocking news has surfaced from Uttar Pradesh Varanasi. And it is something that will literally leave your mouth open. The news is about the classroom of JP Mehta Inter College managed by the Municipal Corporation. Wherein some students informed the management that they saw a male skeleton while playing. Soon after that, the college principal NK Singh informed the police.  And not just the police forensic team also reached the spot.

So What exactly happened

As we all know that during the time of the pandemic all the schools were closed. So according to the information, by the school authorities, the school opened after 11 months. And due to this lot of grass and shrubs had grown in the school premises, therefore to make it clean for the children to play the cleaning work was done. And children also started playing there. However, during the interval time, the students saw something that scared them. And it was none other than male human Skeleton, who was seen lying there.

In response to this, the college authorities said that during the pandemic J.P. Mehta Inter College was converted into a shelter home. And the people who stayed there were Mentally ill, the passerby, and beggars. So it might be possible that someone might have died during that time.

Although in response to this Inspector Rakesh Kumar Singh, in charge of Cantt Police Station, Varanasi said that the body found seems to be quite old. And the things will only get clear after the post mortem. If needed, DNA test will also be done. Right now the forensic team is investigating the skeleton that was spotted there.

Check out the pics below:

Male Skeleton found in school in Varanasi

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