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Trending This Man Gets His Private Part Insured For Rs 7 Crores

This Man Gets His Private Part Insured For Rs 7 Crores

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Insurance is a good thing, when any of our valuables are lost or damaged, the insurance company pays for them. All of you must have got your house, car, and even your life insured. But have you ever heard that a person has got his private part (genitals) insured. Of course, no one even thinks about hearing this. But today we are going to introduce you to a person who has got his private part insured for Rs 7.50 crores. Now this person became the subject of the discussion in the media.

Actually, the person we are talking about here is a superstar of adult films. He has so far acted in more than five and a half thousand p*rn films. The name of this person is Keiran Lee. He is a British adult film actor. Recently, Karan gave an interview in which he surprised everyone by talking about his private part insurance.

Karen Lee is a big name in the p*rn industry. Although he is a resident of Derby but these days he has shifted to Los Angeles. He started doing adult films when he was 18 years old. He is currently 36 years old. His real name is Adam Deeksha. After doing more than five and a half thousand adult films in his career, now he also directs them. Let us tell you that Karen is considered the highest earning star in the porn film industry. They earn up to three lakh rupees a day.

These days he has a contract with the Brazzers. This company had his private part insured. This thing happened long ago but they have now disclosed this thing. You will be surprised to know that the insurance of his private part has been done in the seven and a half crore rupees.

Karen is also active on social media and his fans keep watching his photos and videos. He has also won several awards in adult films. He say that I am old now and my private part will probably not cost more than $ 10. This is the reason that now he is focusing on directing more than acting.

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