Today, we are presenting you today’s dose of complete entertainment – the tale of a 52-year-old British mother Kim West, and her 32-year-old son Ben Ford, who are now lovers and who also plan to have a child together. Are you still Confused? Well, There’s no point getting confused. It is just another story of love, lust and a baby that was given away for adoption, mom and son reuniting many years later, chance fancies between them that clicked, just some casual sexual things and the rest is just, alright , leave it to us to explain it.

This Mother & Son Reconciled After 30 Years And Are Sexually Attracted To Each Other

Kim West, the mother of Ben Ford, was born and brought up in London and became pregnant at the age of 19 when she was studying in California. Being too young and inexperienced, she gave her baby up for adoption. 30 years later, when Kim received a letter from her son, who was looking to track down his biological parents, they finally reunited in January 2014 and fell in love.

This Mother & Son Reconciled After 30 Years And Are Sexually Attracted To Each Other

So much that Ford alienated his wife Victoria and decided to get into a relationship with his mother and the rest is that, they want to have a baby together. Ford told to ‘distractify’ that “When I met Kim, I couldn’t think of her as my mum, but instead as a sexual being. Every time I had sex with my wife, I imagined it was my mother I was kissing otherwise I couldn’t perform.”

Whatever you call it, but they guys are free minded and are living their loving relationship to the fullest. Blessings!

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