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Entertainment This Much Amount Kareena Paid to Transgenders When Taimur Was Born

This Much Amount Kareena Paid to Transgenders When Taimur Was Born

Do you know how much Kareena gave to transgender to perform the rituals on baby Taimur Ali Khan? We will tell you in this article. As we all know Taimur is the most popular star kid. Wherever he goes, the cameras follow him. He is so adorable that people just can’t get enough of him. With the Chote Nawab being subjected to so much attention, it’s only natural for the family to be worried about “Buri Nazzar” befalling on the little apple of their eye.

If you ever noticed, there is a black thread tied around his feet, it is because to save little Taimur from evil’s eye. According to the reports, the entire Kapoor clan paid a whopping sum of Rs 51,000 to the transgender community to bless baby Taimur.  Kapoor family follows this tradition from years with the belief that the transgender community, i.e Kinnar community is blessed by God to fend off the evil eye.

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