Zarine Khan Slams Lilavati Hospital: Here’s Why

Expressing her disappointment with Lilavati Hospital Mumbai, actress Zarine Khan posted a video on the social media account. Read to know the...
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This Muslim Donated Blood To The Orlando Attack Victims In The Month Of Ramazan

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Where Omar Mateen killed 50 people in a gay club in Orland and claimed his allegiance to ISIS there are also Muslims who even donated blood to save the people of this massacre’s victims, In fact, the ones who terrorize people are not religious at all.

Mahmoud ElAwadi
Mahmoud ElAwadi

As soon as the help was asked on the social media for people to donate blood, Mahmoud Elawadi, a resident of Flordia rushed to the hospital for the same cause and posted this on Facebook:

This incident again raised the reason to blame the whole Islamic community but people should also remember that the names “Mohammed, Mohammad and Mahmoud” doesn’t always refer to terrorism only, therefore, it’s the time to stop these stereotypes and instead of blaming the whole community, we should focus on helping the victims more.

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