This New Covid Variant Of N440K Is More Lethal And 15 Times Threating

A dangerous N440K covid variant also known as AP strain is emerging across the globe and the worst part is that it is said to be more terrifying. Deets Inside

Variant Of N440k

While we are still battling with the Covid. Another threating news is coming. And no wonder it is a big matter of concern. According to the studies a new variant of Covid N440K is making its way into the country. And is said to be more lethal than the previous one. As per the reports this can be even be stronger than the Indian variants of B1.617 and BB1.618.

The researchers at the Centre for Cellular and Molecular Biology (CCMB) have found that lineages of N440K are not the dominant ones in the second wave of the coronavirus pandemic in India. But the discovery made by CCMB says that the new variant of N440K is deadly.

About the new variant of N440K

It is observed that the incubation period of this virus is shorter,but it spreads rapidly. Earlier when patients were affected the virus took at least a week to reach the hypoxia or dyspnea stage. But after the new variant emerged it’s affect is more rapid as the patients are reaching the serious condition stage within three or four days. This is now leading to the shortage of ICU beds and ofcourse oxygen. Currently the increase in the cases affected with this virus can be seen spreading in Telangana, parts of Maharashtra, Chhattisgarh and Karnataka.

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